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2021 Host - Sunset Farms, Inc
6600 Sunset Drive
of Allenton, WI  53002

Ray & Anne Wolf

Dan & Ellen Wolf

Bernie & Cindy Wolf

Carl & Krista Wolf

Ed & Julie Wolf

Greg & Alyssa Ritger

Darren & Karen Hughes

Marcus & Cheryl Asmus

Dave Wolf 

Sue Wolf & Family

and all other employees

We'd like to share a bit of family history with you.

Sunset Farms, Inc. is a family -and employee- owned and operated dairy farm established in 1847.  In 1972 Albert and Mildred Wolf and two of their sons built a modern 200 cow facility.  This allowed for the three farm locations to come together in one facility with the ability for growing families to have some time off.  The 5th generation farmers are Ray, Dan, Bernie and Paul Wolf.  Other ownership is held by members of the 6th generation and long-term employees.  Although Albert, Mildred and Paul are no longer with us, their legacy and leadership helped form the foundation for current and future generations.

The farm has expanded gradually throughout the years continuing with an expansion to a 450 cow facility in 1995 and a freestall barn was added in 2001 for 200 additional milking cows.  In 2009 improvements were made for increasing cow comfort in the 1995 barn and an addition was added for dry cows and a maternity area.  In 2015 a cross ventilated freestall barn was added to continue advancing cow comfort and support the growing families.  Working together as a family allows each team member to provide specialized, personal care in each area of focus.

Currently, Sunset Farms grows 3,500 acres of corn, alfalfa, winter wheat, soybeans, winter rye, and oats on owned and rented land.  Family and team members work closely with agronomists and environmental scientists to keep the land sustainable for generations to come.  The farm manages the land with crop rotation, cover crops, and soil testing to preserve the soil and protect water quality.  Their crops are harvested for bedding and feed to supply the dairy cows, calves, heifers and steers that are raised on the farm year-round.  There are 25 full-time and 7 part-time employees who are conscientiously committed to producing high-quality and nutritious food for the community.

The family and team members of Sunset Farms are proud members of the community and are involved with many off-farm activities including:

  • Allenton Volunteer Fire Department: Deputy Chief, Captain, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians.

  • Town of Addison: Town Board Supervisor, Zoning Board, Allenton Sanitary District Board

  • St. Peters Catholic School: School Advisory Committee Lunch program, Fundraising

  • Resurrection Catholic Church: Pastoral Council, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Custodian

  • Wisconsin Army National Guard

  • Allenton Area Advancement Association

  • American Legion Post #483 Fohl-Martin

  • Allenton Fire Department and Fohl-Martin American Legion Picnic

  • Other activities including Allenton Youth Organization, 4-H, Volleyball and Dart Leagues

Sunset Farms also recognizes the community needs for trained responders for fire and EMS calls during the day.  Many farm members are trained to respond to fire and EMS calls in Allenton and the surrounding communities throughout the day and night.

In 1998, 2008, and 2013 Sunset Farms hosted the annual  Washington County Breakfast on the Farm.  In 2021 Sunset Farms is looking forward to hosting this year's Dairy Destination - Carloads of Fun, an event in place of the breakfast to accommodate dairy education while meeting social distancing recommendations.  In spring, the farm hosts approximately 300 4th grade and 4K students for the FFA chapters' Food for America program.  Additionally, the farm is proud to provide tours for school and groups throughout the year.  In addition to church and community causes the agricultural community also contributions including FFA, FFA Alumni, Farm Bureau, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin and Dairy Farmers of America board.

Farm members Bernie, Paul, Carl and Ed, 5th and 6th generation attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course in the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Karen and Darren Hughes, 6th generation, graduated for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 2006.  All employees receive continuing education, either through programs put together by the area UW-Extension, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, on farm training or through seminars and trade shows in agriculture, religious, governmental and emergency service sectors.  The farm family and team members are focused on life-long learning to advance themselves, and those around them.

Sunset Farms strive to be a progressive family farm, providing nutritious and wholesome milk, high-quality agricultural products and positive civic involvement through its employees and families.

Family Tree

1st Generation - Joseph and Maria Langenecker - 1847 arrived from Germany with their 4 children

2nd Generation - Antone and Maria Langenecker

3rd Generation - Mathias and Ottilia Langenecker

4th Generation - Albert and Mildred (Langenecker) Wolf

5th Generation - Ray, Dan, Bernie, and Paul Wolf

6th Generation - Carl, Ed and David (sons of Ray) Karen and Darren Hughes (daughter and son-in-law of Dan)

Greg Ritger and Marcus Asmus (long time employees and friends of the family)


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