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Thank you, Roden Echo Valley, LLC for hosting the 2023 Breakfast on the Farm!



Roden Echo Valley Dairy is a multi-generational family farm located on the furthest east side of Washington County. They take great pride in producing high-quality milk while providing the best care for their animals and serving as stewards of the land.


Dairy farming has been a long-time family tradition for the Roden’s, and through the years they have embraced technology and expanded their herd to allow for more family members to join their family business. Bob Roden began farming in 1975, branching off from his father’s farm and purchased his first 40-acre farm in 1978 in the Town of Saukville. He started milking 25 cows in 1981, and his wife Cindy joined in the adventure in 1983 when they got married. Their son Rick joined the operation in 2003 purchasing heifers to become part owner of the milking cows, and daughter Jacki joined in 2014, adding another element to their business known today as Roden Barnyard Adventures, LLC. In 2022, they started milking in their new 40-stall rotary milking parlor and that’s when Bob’s brother, Joe, brought his cows to Roden Echo Valley to become part owner of the milking herd as well.  


“Our family enjoys welcoming people out to the farm,” says Bob. “We are excited for this event for people to be able to see our new milking parlor that has a viewing area to watch the whole process.” 

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